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Green Cleaning
What is Green Cleaning?
Green Cleaning is a generic term used in the marketplace to describe cleaning that is environmentally conscious. The most broadly accepted definition of Green is laid out in Presidential Executive Order 13101 “products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.” Green Cleaning is “effective cleaning to create healthier buildings and at the same time reduce environmental impacts.” The goal is to reduce “potentially negative exposures to both human health and the environment.”
About DFS Green Cleaning
DFS Green maintenance services was launched to provide our clients with an integrated solution for sustainable commercial flooring. For over thirty years we have been a leader in specifying and installing commercial flooring, and we extended that platform of expertise to provide maintenance programs which deliver the highest standards of carpet and hard-surface cleaning combined with services, equipment, and products with are all environmentally responsible.
Unlike janitorial and traditional maintenance companies, we offer our expertise in a single trade – commercial flooring. We offer our clients an integrated solution to all their flooring needs by providing both Consulting and Fulfillment services, featuring teams with LEED Accredited Professionals which customize cleaning programs that are performed by Technicians trained and certified in Green Cleaning of commercial flooring.
Is Green Cleaning more expensive?
We offer our Green Cleaning services at the same price as a quality traditional cleaning program.
Can DFS Green Cleaning help me attain LEED credits?
We have extensive internal expertise on LEED certification. DFS Green Consulting teams feature LEED Accredited Professionals that advise clients how to identify, implement, and maintain flooring products and services which contribute credits within each LEED category and rating module. When combined with DFS Fulfillment services capabilities, we are one of the few companies that can deliver fully-integrated flooring solutions to our clients that can help them achieve LEED certification.
Our clients have found that the flooring LEED certification points we can deliver are some of the least expensive points available, and can provide a very high return on investment.