About DFS
Who We Are

DFS is a leading national provider of integrated flooring solutions to commercial end-users, facility and property managers, design firms, and general contractors.

DFS Green, a division of DFS, provides Consulting and Fulfillment services which assist our clients in specifying, installing, and maintaining eco-friendly flooring products in their commercial properties.

DFS Green is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is committed to helping our clients specify, install, and maintain flooring that is environmentally responsible, can generate significant economic benefits, and enhances the performance of building operations. The benefits of these services and practices include an optimized return on investment for flooring capital expenditures, building resource efficiency, and improved occupant satisfaction.

Our service teams leverage the expertise of our in-house LEED Accredited Professionals to enable a building owner or occupant to fully realize the benefits of sustainable flooring products and services which include the following:

One meaningful manner in which DFS Green minimizes the environmental impact of our fulfillment services is by utilizing cleaning products that meet the Green Seal standards. Our maintenance programs combine Green Seal chemistries with cleaning equipment that utilizes relatively small amounts of unheated water, does not generate any waste water, emits very low noise, and uses relatively very small amounts of electricity. These customized cleaning programs enable us to provide best-in-class cleaning performance along with improved air quality, reduction of waste, and conservation of natural resources.
The life-cycle of commercial flooring products can be greatly impacted by failing to implement a professional maintenance program. Improper maintenance, or the majority of janitorial cleaning will irreversibly damage flooring products and will ultimately lead to substantial and premature replacement costs. DFS Green customizes cleaning programs for our clients in accordance with the warranty and maintenance specifications of each product manufacturer to ensure each installed products reaches or exceeds its prescribed useful life. These maintenance services are proven to optimize the return on invested capital by significantly reducing the amortized costs of our clients’ commercial flooring.
Additionally, the expenditures related to the salaries and health of employees working in a building often equal or exceed maintenance costs annually. When these factors are considered, together with the impact that sound maintenance practices can have on occupant satisfaction and productivity, it is clear that the financial benefits of creating and maintaining quality building environments surpass the costs directly related to facility operations alone.
Health Benefits
DFS Green Consultants create environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance programs that minimize adverse impacts on building occupant health.
Our maintenance services are proven to prevent the dirt, dust and pollutants in your carpet fibers from becoming airborne thereby improving building occupant performance and helping to sustain Green Building standards. The level of employee or tenant complaints, Sick Building Syndrome claims, and indoor air-quality litigation can be greatly reduced by adopting one of our environmentally responsible cleaning programs featuring our certified chemicals, tools, processes, training, service and support.

By working with DFS Green to apply these Green Building Principles onto commercial flooring, our clients can ensure an immediate and measurable impact where it really counts: dramatic energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, better indoor air quality, and lower operating costs.